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About Our Staff
Key walue

the most experienced in the business!

We can proudly say our staff is among the best in the field and here's why:


Our staff has served Pro Pilot and its customers since 2011, but it didn't start there. For us operating as remote pilots is a burning passion so deep we dedicated most of our lives to it. Yes its true, in fact our "head of operations" Oscar Ohlson proved this in 2008 by clinching the world championship titel in competitive flying with drones!

But we don't "only" know how to fly drones like champions. Over the years we have worked with industri leaders in aerial cinematography, Aerial mapping, state of the art platform development, aerial inspection and aerial live broadcasting, gaining tons of experience in each field. 


With a competitive mindset we love taking on challenges and salving new problems, every time we take on a new mission we learn something new and gain even more experience, this is what fuels us and makes us so motivated in our work.  

All though having the competency and skill set lays the foundation for Pro Pilots reputation, our staff knows that non of this matters if we can't maintain a clean safety record. Our staff is licensed in multiple countries and have had to go trough extensive courses and training classes in both general safety and aviation safety to gain these. We know what the risks are and never take a chans!  


Since starting their work for Pro Pilot our staff has been 100 percent committed woking full time with building the organisation and putting their effort in to our customers work. This is what we are committed to and do full time!   



-Life long interest in

 remote piloting  

-world championship



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Odensbacken, 715 94


Tel: +46 732 50 69 11


Tack! Meddelande skickat.


 education in

 safety and


-full time

 committed, this

 is what we do! 

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