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About Pro Pilot
Key walue

the must have partner for your operations!

So What sets Pro Pilot apart from all the others?

Well, we like to think that we are bringing a completely new service to the drone industry. We are a completely freestanding organisation that can assist any kind of company with their drone operations providing world class expertise in the field. Think of us as the go to organisation for general drone consultancy.


Oh, did i say new service? We have been doing this since 2011 and like to think we do a darn good job, with now 7 year in business we have never had a bad customer experience. We take big pride in what we do and work hard to keep it that way! 


Our key to success is our customers success.

We don't have our own operations with our own equipment. We have a burning heart for drones and all that comes with operating them. We invest all our experience in our customers. What ever we can do to make our customers successful also makes us successful! Whith this filosofie we have developed a strong and open culture to safety because we know one wrong step can not only have a big financial impact but an even bigger impact on us and our customers reputation.

In our work we have ben fortunate to partner with industry leaders around the world. In doing so we have gained invaluable experience and contact network making us a strong partner. What this means for our customers is that whatever solution they need for their operations we are confident  we can put that together for them! 

Gaining relevant permissions, licenses and insurance has become a key factor to a successful operation. At Pro Pilot we have licenses to fly in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, England and The United States. We are constantly working on keeping up to date with current laws and regulations. If you are new to drone operations and want to gain all the relevant dokumentation for your operations than we know the process, we can take you all the way from start to finish!

Did we miss something? Scroll dow to the contact section and get in touch, tell us about your operations and how we can help or just let us know about your latest planes and idees. We are here for you!

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